Civil and commercial mediation in Italy

Mediation for English Speakers in Italy
Mediate, do not litigate

The procedure of Mediation in Italy is informal and out-of-court way to settle disputes ruled by law Decreto Legislativo 28/2010
First Step: Fill in and deposit the Form of Request of procedure; Invitation to Mediation Meting from the Mediation Centre; Fill in and deposit che Accession Form.
Second Step:Meeting – Parties are invited by the mediator to tell their reasons and requests. Mediator listens to parties, in joint or separate sessions and helps to find out each party interests and how they can match.
Third Step: finding terms of an agreement.
The closing consists in a report file which mentions that an agreement “has been reached” or “has not been reached”.
The terms of agreement will be reported in a separate paper and signed from both parties.
The agreement is strictly confidential and all parties, mediator included, are under obligation of confidentiality and responsible in case of breaking it.
If report file is signed from lawyers of each parties the paper has execution. If not signed from lawyers the paper has power of evidence.
Mediator is impartial, leads the meeting and, in case he/she is asked to, can pronounce a proposal of agreement.
Expenses for a mediation procedure consist in: a first step fee of 40,00euro + vat to join the meeting; a second step fee of mediation, according to mediation value; a third step fee, a 25% increase applied in case of success. A 20% increase can be applied in case of request of mediator proposal. Such expenses apply to both parties.
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